SALT started in 2011 with a simple food share to just 15 unsheltered individuals. After about 10 years SALT is now launching five different programs to serve the unsheltered in various ways. Our four programs consist of our mobile day service center in Orlando, mobile day service center in Sanford, street outreach, permanent supportive housing, and the SALT Outpost program. SALT consists of eight full time employees, nine part time employees, interns, and countless volunteers who all have a passion for their community.

These programs were all created based on the needs expressed by our unsheltered friends. Surveys, focus groups, and informal discussions were done to pinpoint the exact needs. As we continue to partner with the community, we believe that together we can help to end homelessness in Florida and beyond. To learn about or donate to a particular program you can click on the program to the right.


Between all of our programs we need to raise approximately $2,500,000 for 2021 and 2022 combined. Halfway through 2021 we have raised, and have commitments for, about $1,000,000. We are blown away by the support we are getting from donors, volunteers, corporate partners, foundations, and the local government to make these programs happen. Thank you for your continued support! If you would like to make a general donation which will be split between all programs you can donate below:

Orlando Mobile Day services

Orlando is our home base at the Christian Service Center operating five days per week. Sunday from 9am to 4pm and Monday through Thursday from 9am through 5pm. This program consists of our outreach services, case management services, and spiritual support.


Sanford mobile day services

With a launch date of October 2021, Sanford will be the first city SALT has expanded to. SALT is excited to provide these much needed services to the unsheltered with special thanks to the Universal Orlando Foundation and Seminole County. We will be offering outreach services and case management services in this area.


street outreach program

Our Street Outreach Program consists of two outreach workers who engage the unsheltered who are typically not connected with any services. Their goal is to connect the unsheltered in hard-to-reach places to services that can help to end their homelessness. SALT is launching this program no later than August 2021.


Permanent Supportive Housing

As we continue to serve the unsheltered the biggest need is clearly permanent supportive housing. SALT is working to launch a program to build and provide sustainable and affordable permanent supportive housing starting with the most vulnerable in our community. The anticipated launch date is October 1, 2022.


SALT Outpost Centers

SALT Outposts are a program specifically designed for churches to provide much needed services to the unsheltered in their community. A church would become a SALT Outpost which would allow them to tap into SALT Outreach resources with the end goal being fully equipped to serve their community with mobile day services. (Page under construction)

Image by Scott Graham