Our Mobile Day Service Center for Sanford Florida is set to launch on the first of October, 2021. Between the Universal Orlando Foundation and Seminole County we have raised $65,555 toward this expansion effort. This amounts to helping us operate about one day per week for a year. The $212,750 goal includes the cost for an additional shower trailer dedicated to Sanford, an Outreach Coordinator, two Outreach Assistants, a Case Manager, Security, and all the supplies that are needed to serve the Sanford unsheltered community.

Goal: $212,750

Sanford day services

Sanford Florida will be the first official city that SALT Outreach expands to. Approximately 75% of the unsheltered in Seminole County are in Sanford. Outreach in Sanford will look totally different in the Sanford area. Due to the higher number of people who are living in camps and other hard to reach areas SALT will be even more mobile in Sanford than it is in Orlando. With the help of the Universal Orlando Foundation and Seminole County, SALT will start to operate in Sanford once per week starting in October 2021. Our goal is to operate in Sanford at least three days per week therefore SALT will aim to raise the additional funds needed in order to make this happen!

SALT Outreach believes this is the first of many cities that they will expand to with the help of donors, foundations, corporations, and local government!