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SALT Outreach has heard continuously from our clients that the biggest need is permanent supportive housing. Rather than go into transitional housing, SALT has decided to work on building permanent supportive housing as a solution for our unsheltered clients. Each duplex cost approximately $50,000 to build and provides two units that have a full bathroom, kitchen, and living area. Phase 1 will be to build four duplexes and secure the land and permitting needed to start a small community. We will work with the Homeless Services Network and other community organizations to determine who the most vulnerable are in the community to match with housing. 

SALT will implement and/or partner with other organizations to provide at least weekly visits from a case manager to help equip and empower our residents to success. SALT anticipates to launch this program no later than November 1, 2022.


SALT Outreach will be launching a Permanent Supportive Housing program by building our own Duplexes with Shipping Containers. Each 40 foot shipping container with be turned into a duplex each unit with a kitchen, bathroom, and living area. The goal is to raise $240,000 where $200,000 will be used to create four duplexes (8 living units) and $40,000 for the land for the Permanent Supportive Housing Village.

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