Outreach Partners


What is an outreach partner?

  An outreach partner is a group, business, or other non-profit organization that joins with SALT Outreach Inc. at our outreach events to provide services and resources to our homebound friends that we (SALT) cannot provide.

What services are provided?

SALT Outreach provides a change of clothing, shoes, hygiene kits, towels, showers, haircuts, and a warm meal.

Services that the other organizations provide are as follows:

  1. Florida Department of Health - Hepatitis A vaccinations, Meningococcal vaccinations, information on the three most common types of Hepatitis and how we can protect ourselves against them, safe sex education, and free contraceptives.

  2. Essential Eye Care & Optical - Eye sight check ups, prescription glasses for two individuals per month, reading glasses, and sunglasses.

  3. Project Downtown Orlando - Provides a warm meal for our friends at our events and regularly hands out meals to those in need in the downtown area.

  4. Hearts for the Homeless (UCF Chapter) - Premed students who provide health screenings and heart health check-ups.

  5. Hope & Help - Free HIV and STD screenings, safe sex education, support groups for HiV and other STD positive individuals, free contraceptives, and affordable medical care.

  6. Project ID - A program that assists members of the community to obtain the ID's they need for jobs, housing, healthcare, and most importantly, identity! They also assist with obtaining copies of birth certificates, marriage licenses, and social security cards.

  7. SALT Outreach at UCF - This is a branch of our organization on the campus of the University of Central Florida that exists as a student organization. It partners with SALT by creating an awareness of the homelessness need on the university's campus, providing a steady supply of young volunteers, and supplying us with items needed for our outreach events by doing clothing drives, shoe drives, and hygiene kit packing parties.

  8. One Heart - Brings needed items such as warmed cooked meals, clothing, shoes, blankets, and volunteers.

  9. Orlando Food Not Bombs - Brings warm cooked meals 1-2 times per week.

  10. Christian Service Center - Our biggest and most important partner to date! They have allowed us to set up our mobile outreach center on their property, including the use of one of their buildings to operate out of. They go above and beyond to meet the needs of our organization as well as the community which we serve!

Want to partner with us?