This series is a powerful yet utterly simple explanation of how to have victory over sin. Lo-Ammi Richardson passionately shares God’s love for us and His remedy for the cycle of sin we find ourselves in. If you ever wonder how you will ever be an overcomer, if you fall at the cross too often knowing you have sinned yet again, then you know that the struggle is real. But thanks be to God, He giveth us the victory, and through this series you will learn the simple task that is ours, and the promised result through God’s grace. Find out what the ten virgins have that they cannot share. Find out the one job that the rich young ruler refused to do. Find out what is keeping Christ from entering and transforming your heart. Learn the steps that will take you through to becoming a new creature in Christ.

The Struggle is Real 10-part Series 4 DVD Set


Lo-Ammi was born in a Christian home, but after high school, he pursued a career in basketball and got caught up in hip-hop, drugs, alcohol, and violence, being arrested various times as a juvenile. After attending a Christian youth conference in Kentucky, his life changed forever. His passion is to see youth find their passion and purpose while making an impact in their communities. Lo-Ammi is a world-renown international speaker and motivator and has done countless series all around the country and world.